Aerodynamic Simulation
Online Tool

Drag and drop your files and
receive a detailed aerodynamic report

Airshaper - Voxdale

Virtual simulation is a technology that can drastically decrease your time-to-market by allowing you to test concepts in an early stage of the development process, or in conditions that are hard to impossible to mimic in a physical environment.

Voxdale is a specialist in product development, 3D modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and more.

To make the first step to simulation easy, we offer you our online tool. Drag and drop your 3D files and receive a detailed report.

Optimize your products’ aerodynamics through virtual and physical simulation


Wind Tunnel

Is your product already optimized? What better way to validate your design than to jump right into testing?

​As co-founder of BikeValley, Voxdale is in a unique position to offer you physical aerodynamics testing time in addition to the virtual aspect.

Get priority access to the wind tunnel facility housed in Beringen.

Online Tool

We have an online tool that allows you to upload and run simulations very fast and easily. Drag and drop your 3D files and receive reports with details according to your needs. This is a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) based tool.

No 3D files yet? Voxdale can help you creating them. Contact us for more information (with no obligation).

Advanced Simulation

In a number of cases, we suggest not to enter the wind tunnel right away. The risks involved are: losing time in extensive trial-and-error iterations and being left disoriented with no technical support and too many numbers to crunch.

At Voxdale, our specialists also use FloEFD from Siemens and Mentor Graphics.

Contact us for all your questions.