October 24th, 2019 – BikeValley, Beringen

We would like you to join us on Thursday 24 October, 2019 for the second edition of our Voxdale Co-Creation Day at the BikeValley wind tunnel.

We promise you an educational and entertaining day, free of charge, with inspiring testimonials and expert talks on the power of Co-Creation. Click here to register.

We will be covering several exciting fields of expertise this year:

The Future of Mobility – Formula E shows the way

Going for Gold – Technologies are Preparing Athletes for Tokyo

Co-Creation for MedTech – From Idea to Device

Partners in Life Sciences – The PILS Consortium

The Age of Robotics – From Cobot to Cyborg

Simulate to Innovate – Digital Twins to the Rescue

The Academic Connection of Innovation – No Nutty Professors

Spin-offs and Startups – The Investor’s Eye


08:15 – 09:15 Registration

09:15 – 10:45

10:45 – 11:05 Coffee Break

11:05 – 12:15

  • Voxdale Case: Co-Creation & Automation
  • Jozefien Willemen – Keeping a CEO sharp

12:15 – 13:45 LUNCH

  • Wind Tunnel demonstrations by Harm Ubbens & Bert Celis

13:45  – 15:25

15:25 – 15:45 Coffee Break

15:45 – 17:00 

17:00 – 20:00 Reception

Gill Dilbagh - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Dilbagh Gill

MAHINDRA RACING – CEO and Team Principal of the Formula E team

Dilbagh Gill has been CEO and Team Principal of the Mahindra Racing Formula E team since being appointed ahead of its inaugural season in 2014/15. As one of ten founding teams – and the only Indian team – to compete in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, Dilbagh has built his team from the ground up, which has led to multiple race victories and podiums.

With more than two decades of experience working in technology and business development, and a Tech Mahindra family member for over 10 years, Dilbagh developed unique sporting technology practices that led him to working on high-profile programmes including Project Manager of the FIFA World Cup and A1GP ahead of his work with Mahindra Racing.

Combining his passion for motorsport and the future of mobility, Dilbagh continues to proudly represent the Indian colours and maintain Mahindra Racing’s success both on and off track. Under his vision the team will soon be entering its sixth season with its latest Generation 2 Formula E car, named the M6Electro.

Kurt Vandeputte - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Kurt Vandeputte

UMICORE – Senior Vice President of the New Business Incubator

Kurt Vandeputte graduated as Chemist at Ghent University (Belgium) in 1991. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the same university for introducing quasi non-destructive characterization and measurement techniques for dating old objects and artefacts. In 1997 he joined Umicore in one of the Belgian production plants where he was responsible for quality control and material characterization during production and research activities. In 2003 he moved to a technical marketing role for cobalt containing products used in the Li-ion battery supply chain. After several leadership assignments in marketing, research, sales and production he was appointed Senior Vice President of Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials Business Unit in 2017. In this function he led a team of over 1500 people with industrial operations in South Korea, China and Belgium. Since July 2019 Mr Vandeputte took a new role in Umicore’s CTO-organisation as Senior Vice President of the New Business Incubator.

Paul Depauw - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Paul Depauw

ERGOTRICS – Founder & Neurosurgeon

Paul Depauw is a board certified neurosurgeon since 2003. During his training as neurosurgeon and during his career he has worked in more than 15 hospitals in the BENELUX.

Since 2004 he is a staff member of the department of neurosurgery at the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

His focus in neurosurgery is on skull base surgery and spine surgery. He has a special interest in product development and evaluation of medical devices and techniques. And he has published several articles on these topics.

He was an active member of The Netherlands Society of Neurosurgery (Nederlandse Vereniging van Neurochirurgie,NVvN) from 2004 until 2019. The past three years he was the president of the board of this scientific society.

In 2014 he founded Ergotrics in order to develop inflatables to move and position patients in the operating room under anesthesia. The focus of the Ergotrics products is on proning and the prone position for spine surgery and posterior fossa surgery (brain surgery). The idea is based on the use of compressed air and the use of inflatables to safely mobilize and position patients for surgery on a operating table

Bart Van Acker - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Bart Van Acker

QUALITY by DESIGN (QbD) – Founder & CEO

Bart Van Acker, Bio Engineer cell & gene biotechnology, had been thinking about it for a long time, when he finally decided to found his own company in 2011. After years of working for an IT consultancy firm he knew very well what the market needed and decided to take the leap. A leap into the unknown, which quickly proved to be the right choice. He built the right network and quickly brought in his first projects.

Now, 8 years later, QbD has more than 180 employees in six different countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Mexico and Colombia) and about 50 different clients; a number that’s still growing every day. Nowadays, Bart Van Acker acts as founder and final decision maker and represents QbD at various networking events. He seats in different Boards of Directors (ea ISPE and Flanders.bio) and is involved in several ground-breaking projects.

Jozefien Willemen - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Jozefien Willemen

Our CEO’s Personal Trainer – Belgian Champion pole-vault

Jozefien is our CEO’s personal trainer. She is an ex-athlete – pole vault, five-time Belgian Champion – with a few masters degrees in economics, and a certified  bodybuilding specialist and nutritionist. She specializes in tackling both food and training to accomplish a certain physique or athletic performance goal. Jozefien has lived in Switzerland, Italy, France and the United States for the past 9 years, where she worked in the economic sector (academics & government), whilst juggling coaching jobs for pole vaulters in Washington DC and Los Angeles (UCLA), sprinters (West LA College) and Olympic weightlifters (Dogtown, LA). Currently she is full-time committed to coaching personal clients and corporations.

Glenn Mathijssen - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019
Lenny Dewyn - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Glenn Mathijssen & Lenny Duwyn


Glenn Mathijssen is a Post-Doc in Robotic Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Pisa and author of +25 academic contributions. He was honored with the title of Young ICT Personality of 2018. Glenn is currently co-CEO at ALBERTS and has joined forces with Voxdale from the very beginning for design and engineering support. Our team is working on Vending 2.0 solutions and brings them to market in the EU: personalized food in a hassle-free and pure way. Today, we have several Alberts Smoothie Stations in the field at offices and schools that prepare fresh smoothies on the spot using 100% natural ingredients (fruit, veggies and water) and that can be personalized through the Alberts App. The next version of our vending machine will be a Soup Station for fresh soups.

Lenny Duwyn has been active at Alberts for 2.5 years: from the context of a Bachelor and Master thesis, product design student worker and holiday trainee, towards applying for a Baekeland grant with Alberts. In collaboration with the University of Antwerp, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Alberts, Lenny will design a cobot-assisted manufacturing and (dis)assembly. First results will be presented in November at IEEE IROS 2019 in Macau.

Hans Kan - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Hans Kan

KAN – founding partner & creative director

Hans Kan is founding partner & creative director of KAN, a multidisciplinary design agency specialised in branding and experience design. At KAN, a team of some twenty designers work for both local and international clients in various sectors. As creative director, Hans is responsible for the strategic & creative quality across all projects, as well as day-to-day management. Having founded the office in 1987, he can rely on 32+ years of experience in branding, identity design and design management. KAN is also founding member of Hybrio, a loosely coupled, tightly coordinated group of five Belgian design & engineering agencies. KAN has offices in Antwerp and Chicago.

Panel Discussion “Going for Gold”
Tom Boonen - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Tom Boonen

Racing Driver & Former UCI Road World Champion
Sam de Jonghe - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Sam Dejonghe

Simulator & Development Driver Mahindra Racing, Umicore Ambassador
Hanne Maudens - Voxdale Co-Creation Day 2019

Hanne Maudens

Heptathlete & World Junior Medallist, chasing her dream Tokyo 2020